How to make curly in 30 min

30 min later ...

Have a good night :)




Yesterday date with miss Shushu

Miss sweet Shushu

Waiting for food

Finaly yeah its time to eat :)

I have a springrolls with prawns and chicken to start.  sooooo good Mums

Shushu have deep-fry prawns

A very hungry Honey haha

Main dish: Shushu have a biff sallad And i have nudelsoup.

A little girl with BIG appetite lol I love food

Time to go for a drink :)

The only really good was the starter but the nudelsoup was okej, i think my sisters nudelsoup is MUTCH better and its free lol

My big sisters home mad vietmamesisk nudelsuop MUMS i would do anything for that now!!!!

I want summer and the beach nooooow Its soo freaking cold :(


Poor me :(

I was little bit sick tuesday yesterday But today i feel really sick I hate to be sick!!! im so sensitive when im sick or same when im hangover or having my girl week I wanto have some body to hold me now and feel sorry for me POOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!! puuuhuh

Mami love you
I love you You are my life My happiest moments weren't complete If you weren't by my side You're my relation In connection to the sun With you next to me There's no darkness I can't overcome You are my raindrop I am the sea With you and God, who's my sunlight I bloom and grow so beautifully, I'm so proud So proud that you are mine You make the confusion Go all away From this cold and messed up world.


Power Nap

Breakfast was good and now i need a powernap See you in couple hours :)


Sun is shining and i feel alive

mmmm tee i love it

Start with a breakfast at one off my favor place Such a beautiful day Even its snow but as long is sun im happe :)


Visit my sister and her new born babe 16/11

Lucky Angelus that he have me as hes aunt He is gonna be soo spoilt :D

Mom and son

Dinner my sister friends and there kids

Sleeping beauty

My sister make me my very favor food , Nudelsoap in vietnamesiskt way

I really miss her food I want it I dream about it I gotta have it!

Love you sis and Angelus!


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