Yesterday date with miss Shushu

Miss sweet Shushu

Waiting for food

Finaly yeah its time to eat :)

I have a springrolls with prawns and chicken to start.  sooooo good Mums

Shushu have deep-fry prawns

A very hungry Honey haha

Main dish: Shushu have a biff sallad And i have nudelsoup.

A little girl with BIG appetite lol I love food

Time to go for a drink :)

The only really good was the starter but the nudelsoup was okej, i think my sisters nudelsoup is MUTCH better and its free lol

My big sisters home mad vietmamesisk nudelsuop MUMS i would do anything for that now!!!!

I want summer and the beach nooooow Its soo freaking cold :(



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