i believe in true love

Honey completed the quiz "Who are you.... really?" with the result Lover.
Your life is all about love and seeking love in return! You are a romantic soul, and like the famed Casanova will likely have many lovers in your lifetime. You thrive in environments and activities that allow you to be seductive and tempting. You are often able to see the good in people when know one else can; your greatest fault is that you care too much. When you don't get what you want, and your standards are high because you know what you have to give, you cry and move on to the next lover. You dream that one day you will find the true love you idealize. In the mean time, you will capture many hearts and break them as well. A force to be reckoned with, You know who you are; and you will not be satisfied until you have found true love..

Postat av: Robbban

Låter som en rätt träffande beskrivning, om jag känner dig rätt. - Ta bara: "You thrive in environments and activities that allow you to be seductive and tempting". Fast de kunde ju ha lagt till rar och trevlig också.

Men de som har gjort detta quiz har ett grymt sätt att stava: "...when know one else can..."!

"know one" - den varianten hade jag inte sett förut.

- R.

2009-07-13 @ 17:35:27
Postat av: TheO

Såååå vacker.... ;)

2009-07-13 @ 22:33:55
Postat av: Anders

Hej....Blomman ;)

En sak är då säker du gör dig på bild ;)

Helt fantastisk och vacker saknar ord! Hoppas du fick en trevlig och kulig kväll i Torsdags. Denna gång sa jag hej.....

Må så gott.


2009-07-18 @ 19:41:11

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